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Our people are the leading designers of The Pilkington Profilit Glazing System (formerly known as Reglit)  in the United Kingdom and Ireland with over 2100 successfully completed projects carried out over some 22 years

Supply and Install

Our business is Pilkington Profilit and we only supply and install Pilkington Profilit. Our professional installation teams have experience of installing our product in major cities throughout the United Kingdom


Working with our customers and their Architects from initial concept to a fully functioning maintained system, we provide a 10 year fully warranted Pilkington Profilit System.


Pilkington Profilit at WALthamstow for Rolfe judd architects

The Pilkington Profilit Experience

Pilkington Profilit is by a considerable margin the most utilised and successful channel glazing system available in the United Kingdom. Previously known in the United Kingdom under the brand name Reglit, Pilkington have know rebranded their glazing system to bring it into line with it's worldwide branding strategy.

Whilst the name Reglit will no longer be used in relation to channel glass, the same tried, tested award winning system goes from strength to strength.

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For further information please contact us through this web-site or through Pilkington's own web-site using the provided link.

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The pilkington profilit glass range


Features and Benefits

The Pilkington Profilit™ U-profile glass system (known previously in the United Kingdom as Reglit Glazing) combines versatility with exceptional performance to produce a unique and outstanding glazing product. A simple yet effective concept of self-supporting glass channels fitted into an extruded metal perimeter frame that enables the creation of many innovative and exciting architectural designs.

  • Few components and a practical design process.
  • Rapid and easy installation, maintenance and replacement.
  • Available in single or double glazed installations.
  • Available in two different glass profiles: Normal Profile (NP) system for standard glazing applications.   Special Profile (SP) system where the system must withstand high lateral loads.
  • Highly flexible and versatile system – can be installed internally or externally, vertically or horizontally and with varying levels of light transmission.
  • Outstanding thermal and sound insulation properties.
  • Variety of glass finishes.
  • Satisfies legislative requirements whilst still creating a design-led installation.
  • Inherently strong system which is capable of withstanding extremely high wind loads or large spans up to 7m in height.
  • Reduction in visible framework: clean, uninterrupted lines giving a striking appearance.
  • Options in colour, texture, installation formats and light diffusion levels.
  • Ideal for large glass façades, offering maximum levels of natural light into the building.  
  • Perfect for partitioning within the home or workplace allowing excellent light transmission, whilst maintaining privacy.
  • Generating lighter and brighter interiors with the illusion of more space.

Glass types

We have over twenty years experience in the design, supply, installation and aftercare using the extensive variety of glass types set out herein. We are confident that utilising such experience we will be able to assist you in achieving your design vision. Please contact our technical services team to discuss your requirements.

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pilkington profilit low iron glass products

Cast Wired Sandblasted

Pilkington Profilit K26/60/7

Sandblasted finish combines the benefit of excellent translucency with a degree of privacy.

Cast Unwired Sandblasted

Pilkington Profilit OW

The same benefits as our wired channel glass product but can also be heat soaked and toughened to increase safe breakage performance if required.

Cast Unwired

Pilkington Profilit OW

Where privacy is not an issue this glass type can also be heat soaked and toughened for increased safe breakage performance

Cast Wave Unwired

Pilkington Profilit OW

Our wave glass product provides an interesting three dimensionall property to the channel glass.

Due to the use of raw materials with low iron oxide content during channel glass production  our Low Iron U-profiled glass has a white or colour neutral appearance and, like the standard range, is available in various finishes including cast, clear and sandblasted. Low iron U-profiled glass has excellent light transmission properties up to 90%.  

To achieve these properties Pilkington has dedicated one of its many custom built state of the art furnace facilities for the exclusive production of  Low Iron Profilit glass.  investment has been undertaken to ensure the highest quality of white low iron U-profiled glass is achieved whilst ensuring existing production capacity for standard channel glass types are maintained. 

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Pilkington profilit standard glass products

Cast Wired

Pilkington Profilit K25/60/7

The original Pilkington Profilit product with 8 number longitudinal wires for increased strength 

Cast Unwired

Pilkington Profilit K25/60/7

Without wires can be heat soaked and toughened where circumstances may require an increase in safe breakage performance.

Clear Wired

Pilkington Profilit K25/60/7

Offering  maximum transparency and light transmission

Clear Unwired

Pilkington Profilit K25/60/7

Without wires can be heat soaked and toughened where circumstances may require an increase in safe breakage performance.

Cast 16 Wired

Pilkington Profilit K25/60/7

Special production cast glass with 16 number longitudinal wires

Cast Wave Unwired

Pilkington Profilit K25/60/7

The Pilkington Profilit wave glass product provides an interesting three dimensional property to our channel glass.

Cast Unwired Sandblasted

Pilkington Profilit K25/60/7

Cast unwired glass with the benefit of additional privacy and the flexibility to heat soak and toughen as required for increased safe breakage if required.

Clear Unwired Sandblasted

Pilkington Profilit K25/60/7

Clear unwired glass with the benefit of additional privacy and again with the flexibility to heat soak and toughen.

Amethyst Wired

Pilkington Profilit K25/60/7

Amethyst coating on wired glass

Amethyst Unwired

Pilkington Profilit K25/60/7 Amethyst

Amethyst coating on unwired glass


Pilkington Profilit K25/60/7 Macro

Macro surface finish


Pilkington Profilit K25/60/7 Slimline

Slimline surface finish

Cast Unwired Plus

Pilkington Profilit K25/60/7

For greater insulation value

Cast Unwired Antisol

Pilkington Profilit K25/60/7 Antisol

Unwired channel glass with a special surface finish

Coloured Finish

Pilkington Profilit K25/60/7 Coloured

The application of either a enamel frit or a paint application to achieve a coloured effect.

These photographs are reproduced with kind permission of Pilkington. They must not be copied or reproduced further without express permission

We intend these photographs to be a visual aid to assist in glass specification choices to meet your preferences. We would recommend that prior to any final decision glass samples be obtained from us.

We also recommend that prior to final specification choice you liaise with our technical services team to ensure that our technical design experience can assist you in all aspects of your choices.

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pilkington profilit toughened glass


Benefits and Features of Toughened Profilit Glass

All Pilkington Profilit toughened glass is heat soaked prior to the toughening process being undertaken to a maximum length of 7.5m. This allows the Profilit glass to increase its strength and safe breakage performance in order to meet our clients demanding requirements.

  • Toughened glass is up to 5 times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness
  • Such glass has greater resistance to sudden changes in the temperatures
  • It also allows much greater resistance to impact
  • It has better deflection properties
  • Greater tolerance of repetitive load variations than ordinary glass before fracture occurs
  • It is less likely to break under force
  • If breakage does occurs, the glass shatters into many hundreds of tiny pellets which are unlikely to cause any harm
  • Toughened glass is able to be manufactured in various tints or patterns.


  • Low level glazing
  • Shop fronts
  • Staircases
  • Areas of glass under thermal stress

For further information on the benefits of Pilkington Profilt Toughened Glass and on possible applications, please contact our technical department..

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pilkington profilit BRISE SOLEIL systems

Ventilated Brise Soliel


At Glass Profiled Solutions our experienced designers can custom design the perfect brise soleil or ventilation solution for your project

Staggered Brise Soleil


Consisting of louvred panels, fin formations or staggered glass assembly our tailored systems are perfect for deflecting direct sunlight, reducing solar gain and preventing glare

Car Park Brise Soleil


Available in a huge range of finishes, including our coloured Pilkington Profilt range, our brise soleil and ventilation systems provide an attractive and functional solution to meet your design vision.

Aesthetic Brise Soleil


Superior design meets superior functionality in a low maintenance aesthetically pleasing and cost effecient design solution.

Our Pilkington Profilit Brise Soliel Systems have been installed throughout the United Kingdom. Please contact us for further details and project examples

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Pilkington Profilit UK Technical Manual 2018

Detailed Design and Specification information

The foremost source of design and specification from the UK Mainland's only exclusive specialist Pilkington Profilit installer.

2018 Edition February 2018

Contact us for your pdf copy of our 54 page guide to U-profile glazing

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Our people are the leading UK professionals in the design, supply and installation of the Pilkington Profilit Profiled Glazing System.

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