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Value Engineering

Glass Profiled Solutions - Pilkington Profilit Wigan Youth

We exclusively deal with Pilkington Profilit and early engagement with us allows our designers to help value engineer a solution that will  provide our clients with optimum performance at best value.

Secure Supply Chain

Pilkington Profilit by Glass Profiled Solutions

Our 20 year established partnership with Pilkington gives our clients the comfort of knowing they have engaged a highly skilled team to deliver their projects on time and to budget, complete with project warranties.

Nationwide Coverage

Glass Profiled Solutions - Pilkington Profilit

With dedicated designers and our trained national installation teams, we operate throughout the United Kingdom exclusively supplying and installing the Pilkington Profilit Channel Glass product.

Team Work

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Communication is the key to any successful project. With this in mind Glass Profiled Solutions appoint a dedicated Director to each and every project, giving the client a link to every aspect of the project delivery.

Health & Safety

Pilkington Profilit by Glass Profiled Solutions - Pilkington Profilit Staircase

Health & safety is core to each and every aspect of our business. Each of our projects has a bespoke Health and Safety plan with the added security of our independent assessors.

Our Track Record

Pilkington Profilit by Glass Profiled Solutions - Pilkington Profilit Curved

As our crystal clear focus is exclusively  on our Profilit product, that unique expertise allows us to be the leaders in the design, supply and installation of Pilkington Profilit channel glass in the UK


featured project - Asda Edinburgh- for G1 architects

The Pilkington Profilit Experience

Pilkington Profilit is by a considerable margin the most utilised and successful channel glazing system available in the United Kingdom. Previously known in the United Kingdom under the brand name Reglit, Pilkington have know rebranded their glazing system to bring it into line with it's worldwide branding strategy.

Whilst the name Reglit will no longer be used in relation to channel glass, the same tried, tested award winning system goes from strength to strength.

Learn More

For further information please contact us through this web-site or through Pilkington's own web-site using the provided link.

PROFILIT System Benefits

Excellent Affordability

Pilkington Profilit Glass Profiled Solutions - Channel Glazing

With modular  components and a practical design process, rapid installation, low cost maintenance and single channel glass replacement ,provides maximum levels of both capital and revenue affordability.

Superior Span Heights

Glass Profiled Solutions - Pilkington Profilit Spans

Available in single or double glazed installations, for both internal and external use with uninterrupted glass span heights of up to 7000mm depending upon wind loading. 

Verticle or Horizontal Installations

Glass Profiled Solutions - Pilkington Profilit Horizontal

Installations either vertical or horizontal, both internal and external. Horizontal maximum span 3500mm

Variety of Glass Finishes

Pilkington Profilit by Glass Profiled Solutions - Kilwinning Station

Our glass channels come in a variety of finishes, standard cast, low iron, sandblasted, coloured, solar gain glass and insulated glass. Please refer to section glass types in the site menu  for HD images

Excellent Insulation Properties

Pilkington Profilit by Glass Profiled Solutions - Pilkington Profilit

 U-values as low as 0.73W/m2k in our 2 plus one system and 1.2W/m2K in our double glazed system, Used in conjunction with our thermally broken aluminium peripheral frame system, ideal for large glass facades and stair towers.

Maximisation of Natural Daylight

Pilkington Profilit by Glass Profiled Solutions - Pilkington Profilit

With light transmission of up to 86% and g-values as low as 0.19, large expanses of uninterrupted glass allow the outside inside, flooding spaces with natural light and the flexibility of a variety of light diffusion levels to suit individual circumstances .

Superior Sound Performance

Noise is recognised as a serious hazard within the working environment

Noise control can be particularly important in modern construction. Pilkington Profilit in its standard double glazed format can provide a sound insulation level of up to 43dB. This can be increased to 57dB by utilising our 2 plus 1 system (refer section glass systems in our menu header for further details)

Fully CWCT Certified


  • Independently tested to CWCT standards, our standard double glazed system achieves.
  • Air Permeability - 600 Pascals
  • Water Tightness (Static) - 600 Pascals
  • Water Tightness (Dynamic) - 600 Pascals
  • Wind Resistance - 1300 Pascals

Class Leading Safety

Glass Profiled Solutions - Pilkington Profilit (formerly Reglit)

  • Fully Tested using the methodology set out in  EN 12600
  • In double glazed installation format satisfies the requirements of Part N (England and Wales), and Part P (Scotland) for safe breakage
  • Barrier load characteristics up to 3.0KN/m

Inexpensive Curved Glazing

Glass Profiled Solutions - Pilkington Profilit (formerly Reglit)

By faceting our glass panels with a curved peripheral frame, we can curve your glass facade or partition at a fraction of the expense of a similar curved flat glass system. Please refer to section completed projects in the menu for HD images examples.

Innovative Illuminated Facades

Glass Profiled Solutions - Hallam University

By introducing lighting into our glass facades we can make your project stand out in a low cost, low maintenance manner. Please refer to section completed projects in the site menu for HD image examples.

Signature Style

Glass Profiled Solutions - Pilkington Profilit (formerly Reglit)

By combining the benefits of the Pilkington Profilit channel glass system with design flair and imagination a sense of incomparable style and quality is possible even where budgets require to be kept in the real world.

Pilkington Profilit UK Technical Manual 2019

Detailed Design and Specification information

The foremost source of design and specification from the UK Mainland's only exclusive specialist Pilkington Profilit installer.

Edition July 2019

Contact us for your pdf copy of our 54 page guide to U-profile glazing

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Sales Advice

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Contact us to allow us to explain the varied glass specification choices open to you commensurate with your budget. We can provide programme assistance and of course value engineering solutions if required.


Alisdhair Mcindoe - Glass Profiled Solutions

From an individual quotation tailored to your specific needs, recognising glass spans, barrier loadings and safe impact criteria - to an informal chat to discuss your options  - we are here to help play our part in helping you achieve your Pilkington Profilit Glazing vision.

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