The pilkington profilit glass system


Features and Benefits

The Pilkington Profilit™ U-profile glass system (known previously in the United Kingdom as Reglit Glazing) combines versatility with exceptional performance to produce a unique and outstanding glazing product. A simple yet effective concept of self-supporting glass channels fitted into an extruded metal perimeter frame that enables the creation of many innovative and exciting architectural designs.

  • Few components and a practical design process.
  • Rapid and easy installation, maintenance and replacement.
  • Available in single or double glazed installations.
  • Available in two different glass profiles: Normal Profile (NP) system for standard glazing applications.   Special Profile (SP) system where the system must withstand high lateral loads.
  • Highly flexible and versatile system – can be installed internally or externally, vertically or horizontally and with varying levels of light transmission.
  • Outstanding thermal and sound insulation properties.
  • Variety of glass finishes.
  • Satisfies legislative requirements whilst still creating a design-led installation.
  • Inherently strong system which is capable of withstanding extremely high wind loads or large spans up to 7m in height.
  • Reduction in visible framework: clean, uninterrupted lines giving a striking appearance.
  • Options in colour, texture, installation formats and light diffusion levels.
  • Ideal for large glass façades, offering maximum levels of natural light into the building.  
  • Perfect for partitioning within the home or workplace allowing excellent light transmission, whilst maintaining privacy.
  • Generating lighter and brighter interiors with the illusion of more space.

Glass types

We have over twenty years experience in the design, supply, installation and aftercare using the extensive variety of glass types set out herein. We are confident that utilising such experience we will be able to assist you in achieving your design vision. Please contact our technical services team to discuss your requirements.

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