Pilkington Profilit Glass Systems

Standard System

Glass Profiled Solutions - Pilkington Profilit (formerly Reglit)

The Pilkington Profilit standard system can be installed in both single and double glazed formats using each of the various glass types available. Head peripheral aluminium frames, depending on u-value requirements can be either thermally broken (83mm wide by 72mm deep) or non thermally broken (83mm wide by 55mm deep). Similarly peripheral cills can be thermally broken (83mm wide by 42mm deep) or non thermally broken (83mm wide by 40mm deep).

One in 2 System

Glass Profiled Solutions - Pilkington Profilit one in 2 system

Where superior u-values are required but building regulations prohibit translucent insulation, our "one in 2" system comprises an outer shell of 7mm thick Profilit, an intermediate shell of 6mm Profilit flat glass with a low-e plus coating and an inner shell of 7mm Profilit with a low-e plus coating. This will achieve a u-value of 1.2W/m2k, a g-value of 0.51 whilst still achieving an excellent light transmission of 52%. This system has the same peripheral aluminium dimensions as our standard system.

2 Plus One System

Glass Profiled Solutions 2 plus one system

And where an even lower u-value is required our "2 plus one" system is available, This system can also incorporate  one or more layer of translucent insulation and can facilitate a class leading u-value of 0.73W/m2k.