pilkington profilit low iron glass products

Cast Wired Sandblasted

Pilkington Profilit K26/60/7

Sandblasted finish combines the benefit of excellent translucency with a degree of privacy.

Cast Unwired Sandblasted

Pilkington Profilit OW

The same benefits as our wired glass product but can also be heat soaked and toughened to increase safe breakage performance if required.

Cast Unwired

Pilkington Profilit OW

Where privacy is not an issue this glass type can also be heat soaked and toughened for increased safe breakage performance

Cast Wave Unwired

Pilkington Profilit OW

Our wave glass product provides an interesting three dimensionall property to the channel glass.

Due to the use of raw materials with low iron oxide content during glass production  our Pilkington Profilit Low Iron U-profiled glass has a white or colour neutral appearance and, like the standard range, is available in various finishes including cast, clear and sandblasted. Low iron U-profiled glass has excellent light transmission properties up to 90%.  

To achieve these properties Pilkington Glass has dedicated one of its many custom built state of the art furnace facilities for the exclusive production of  Low Iron Profilit glass.  investment has been undertaken to ensure the highest quality of white low iron U-profiled glass is achieved whilst ensuring existing production capacity for standard glass types are maintained. 

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